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Should You Get a Second Opinion After a Workplace Injury?

Posted December 1, 2023
You’ve always given your employer your best at work, but now an injury has you off your feet and unable to return to the workplace until you fully recover. Suffering a serious injury that keeps you from earning a living is a distressing experience. We all know that workers’ compensation is meant to be...
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5 tips to reduce lifting injuries for nurses

Posted January 19, 2023
Nurses work on the front lines of the health system, providing critical care to patients daily. However, the job’s physical demands, including lifting and moving patients, can take a toll on their bodies. Nursing is one of the top professions for work-related musculoskeletal disorders.To prevent injuries like sprains and strains or more serious conditions...
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Injuries that commonly occur on construction sites

Posted September 14, 2022
Construction sites are dangerous places, and some injuries are more common than others.If your injury occurred on a construction site, you are not alone.FallsThe CDC reports that falls are the number one cause of death and injury at construction sites. Falling to a lower level accounted for one-third of construction-related deaths in 2019. Those...
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Work-related back injury? Follow these three steps

Posted February 19, 2022
Trauma to your neck or back is a common work-related injury. Back injuries occur in many ways, including slips and falls, lifting heavy materials, standing or bending for extended periods of time or through repetitive motions that strain your muscles and joints.Injuries to your neck and back can be severe and significantly impact your...
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3 forms that employer retaliation may take

If you recently sustained injuries as a result of your work, you probably have the right to apply for workers’ compensation benefits but may fear retaliation from your employer. Missouri law bans reprisal against employees for filing workers’ compensation claims. It may be difficult to distinguish retribution from normal managerial behavior, but there are...
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Injuries that health care workers routinely experience

Posted November 18, 2020
Anyone who works to protect or improve a person’s health generally qualifies as a health care worker. For instance, both the paramedic who drove you to a Missouri hospital and the doctor who treated you there are health care workers. These individuals tend to face a multitude of risks to their physical and mental...
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