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Motorcycle Accidents

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The 3 most common causes of motorcycle accidents

Every year, thousands of Americans get into motorcycle accidents. According to the National Safety Council, 14 percent of traffic fatalities involve motorcycles, despite them only representing 3 percent of registered vehicles.The summer months in Missouri mean the number of riders increases along with the risk of accidents. If you own a motorcycle or are...
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How to avoid a motorcycle accident

Posted August 27, 2020
There are many steps that you can take to prevent getting into a motorcycle crash while riding on Missouri roads or highways. For instance, you can take a rider safety course that will help you identify common scenarios that lead to accidents. It is also important to wear appropriate safety gear as doing so...
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Why helmet cameras are so important now

Posted March 29, 2018
At this very moment, you could easily google “motorcycle accident helmet camera” and find a plethora of videos that show a first-person view of a motorcyclist suffering an accident. While this is both horrifying and bizarre that such a library of accidents is possible to search, the point of this introduction isn’t to discuss...
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