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Workplace Injuries

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Common injuries sustained by metal and machine shop workers

Posted October 15, 2020
Machine and metal shop workers in Missouri spend each day in environments that pose more risks of injury than many other professions in the state. Because of this, these workers need to exercise caution and remain alert each minute of the workday.Fires, chemical spills and sharp tools are all counted among the list of...
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10 Ways to avoid injury or illness at your Missouri nursing job

Wash your handsThe bottom line is that washing your hands thoroughly is the best defense against the spread of infection. Wash your hands after every patient contact.Develop a good self care routineEat healthily and exercise. Not only are you setting a good example for your patients, but you’re also protecting yourself from illness and...
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The top hazards that construction workers face

Posted September 10, 2018
The hazardous nature of the construction industry should be well known to employees and employers alike in Missouri. OSHA has stated that in 2016, there were over 1,000 construction-related deaths; moreover, about 60 percent of those deaths could have been prevented with the right training and equipment. The following are the top five hazards...
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Important tips for driving a forklift safely

Posted December 28, 2016
Working in an industrial or warehouse environment requires a special skill set, but it requires a special knowledge of safety, too. There are many risks in this type of workplace that may not be present elsewhere, so learning them and taking preventative action is essential to avoiding unnecessary injuries. The following four tips can...
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Report on concussions: Three important findings

Posted October 5, 2016
Medical advances have given us the opportunity to learn more about how the brain works. One realization in recent years is the vast impact of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Studies have brought attention to the fact that these injuries are more dangerous than we once thought.We now know that TBIs can result in symptoms...
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New OSHA rule: Did your employer report all injuries as required?

Posted August 23, 2016
When you work in a manufacturing facility, personal safety is on the top of your mind. Moreover, you would think that with all the alarms, warning lights and guards in place on the equipment, that you are working in as safe an environment as is possible under the circumstances. Unfortunately, many employees find themselves...
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