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Can a Car Accident Cause Degenerative Disc Disease?

Posted April 30, 2024
Back and neck injuries are common in compensation claims after a car accident due to the tremendous crash force in an accident. In a collision, a 100-pound person becomes a 3,000-pound force at only 30 miles per hour. But what if your terrible back or neck pain after an accident sends you to a...
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What Evidence Is Needed in a Missouri Car Accident Case?

Posted April 24, 2024
There is a small handful of no-fault insurance states in the U.S. where car accident victims only file claims against their own insurance, but in most states, it matters who causes an accident. Like most states, Missouri has a fault-based insurance system that requires car accident victims to prove the other driver’s liability to...
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What Are the Elements of Negligence?

Posted April 8, 2024
Most personal injury cases are based on proving negligence on the part of an individual or business entity. When another person or business fails to take reasonable actions to prevent causing harm or fails to act the way a reasonable person would under the same circumstances, their negligence leaves them liable for the victim’s...
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When Should You Hire a St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer?

Posted April 2, 2024
No one starts an ordinary day expecting to end it in an emergency room or hospital bed, but unexpected injuries can occur at any time. When you suffer a preventable injury that only happened due to an individual or business entity’s negligence, it’s even more distressing knowing your pain and suffering could have been...
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What to Know About Herniated Discs From Car Accidents

Posted March 29, 2024
Over five million car accidents occur annually in the United States resulting in an average of two million injuries and around 30,000 deaths. Back and neck injuries are the most commonly experienced car accident injuries. Trauma to this area occurs from sheer crash force in a car accident which exerts tremendous pressure on the...
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How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in Missouri?

Posted January 13, 2024
When a Missouri resident suffers serious injuries due to another party’s carelessness, reckless behavior, or intentional wrongdoing, the civil courts allow them to seek compensation for their damages. In an injury claim, the word “damages” refers to both the economic and non-economic consequences of the injury. While it’s easy to see how a personal...
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