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Injuries that commonly occur on construction sites

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Posted on September 14, 2022

Construction sites are dangerous places, and some injuries are more common than others.

If your injury occurred on a construction site, you are not alone.


The CDC reports that falls are the number one cause of death and injury at construction sites. Falling to a lower level accounted for one-third of construction-related deaths in 2019. Those who survive such a fall may be permanently injured or disabled, without the ability to work.


This occurs easily when water is on the ground, when wires are improperly insulated and when metal trusses become electrified. Electrical currents always seek to complete a circuit, and the human body serves as the missing element all too often.

‘Caught-in’ accidents

Factories, assembly lines and industrial machines all carry the risk of catching a finger or appendage in their mechanisms. Management and building leadership should secure open motors, pulleys and gears with safety equipment and guards to keep workers safe.

‘Struck-by’ accidents

According to OSHA, construction workers are often struck by falling objects, flying objects, swinging objects and objects on the ground level. These safety hazards caused over 300 deaths in 2018. Moving materials with suspension cables from a great height is particularly dangerous. Also, improperly stored materials can collapse or fall on workers during the regular course of their job.

Everyone has the right to a safe and secure workplace. If employers are negligent in their safety practices, a court of law can hold them accountable. Everyone’s safety can improve as a result of legal action.