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What Are Missouri Auto Insurance Requirements?

Posted April 20, 2024
Most states in the U.S. require drivers to carry at least the minimum car insurance coverage to register a vehicle and legally drive (New Hampshire and Virginia are exceptions). Driving comes with inherent risks. A state’s insurance laws help ensure that drivers have the means to compensate car accident injury victims. Like other states,...
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What to Know About Missouri Car Accident Laws

Posted April 15, 2024
There are at least 1,916,497 private vehicles registered in Missouri, an average of over 150,000 car accidents each year, and 1,040 car accident fatalities in 2022. No one starts their day expecting an accident, but accidents occur every day in Missouri. If an accident happens to you, it’s important to know the laws so...
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Missouri Statute of Limitations

Posted November 20, 2023
All states place limits on the amount of time after an accident, injury, or malpractice incident during which the injury victim may claim damages. “Damages” in a lawsuit refer to the consequences of an action to a victim. These time limits are known as statutes of limitations, and they serve several purposes. Applying a...
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Missouri Helmet Laws

Posted October 7, 2023
Missouri offers many scenic routes for motorcyclists, including winding roads through the iconic Ozark mountains and the breathtaking St. Louis Loop tour. As much as motorcyclists enjoy the exhilarating open-air experience of a ride in Missouri, that same unenclosed, unencumbered design of a motorcycle leaves riders vulnerable to severe injuries in an accident—with especially...
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