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Trucker examinations that keep roads safe

Posted November 15, 2022
Trucking remains an inherently dangerous occupation. Long hours moving thousands of pounds of inventory will always present peril.For this reason, the transport industry faces many regulations. Required measurements improve the safety of truck drivers hurtling down freeways.Qualification testsThough they vary from state to state, every long-hauler is subject to strict laws. A valid license...
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Long-haul truck drivers keep the economy moving at their own risk

Commercial truck drivers transport a substantial amount of the materials and consumer goods that keep the American economy running. Long-haul trucking helps keep costs low and can ensure the quick and timely delivery of perishable items, ranging from produce to chilled beer.Sadly, the same people who helped maintain the modern American economy also incur...
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Rise in truck crash deaths blamed on unpopular federal rule

Posted November 19, 2018
Commercial truckers in Missouri may be aware that the number of fatal crashes involving those in their industry is rising. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a 9 percent increase in 2017 with a total of 4,761 people killed. Of these, about 1,300 were truckers themselves.Some say that more truckers are trying to...
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NHTSA: 2017 sees 9 percent rise in fatal large truck crashes

Posted October 8, 2018
Missouri residents often find themselves driving alongside large trucks, and they will want to be especially careful when that happens. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 2017 saw a decrease in every type of fatal traffic crash except large truck crashes.For example, passenger vehicle, motorcycle and pedestrian crash fatalities saw a 1.4,...
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Stopping distracted driving

Drivers in Missouri and the rest of the nation are susceptible to being distracted while they are behind the wheel of their vehicle. Certain forms of technology can do this, as well as something as simple as allowing the mind to wander. Because driving while distracted can result in significant losses and costs, it...
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CVSA announces dates for Brake Safety Week

Commercial vehicle drivers in Missouri and around the country can expect more scrutiny from law enforcement and safety officials during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Brake Safety Week, which begins on Sept. 16. Faulty braking systems on tractor-trailers weighing as much as 40 tons are a threat to all road users, and data from...
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