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Work-related back injury? Follow these three steps

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Posted on February 19, 2022

Trauma to your neck or back is a common work-related injury. Back injuries occur in many ways, including slips and falls, lifting heavy materials, standing or bending for extended periods of time or through repetitive motions that strain your muscles and joints.

Injuries to your neck and back can be severe and significantly impact your quality of life. If an injury occurs while on the job, there are steps you can take to ensure you receive adequate care and compensation.

1. Notify your employer

The moment an injury occurs, alert a supervisor regarding the situation. Consider any injuries, even minor ones, to be significant, as they may worsen over time. Though it may seem as though one is less severe, treating both repetitive motion injuries and traumatic back injuries as equally important could prevent you from developing long-term back problems.

2. See a doctor

In order to understand the full scope of your injury, seek medical attention promptly. Explain to your medical provider that the injury occurred while you were at work, and describe the circumstances that caused your injury to the fullest of your abilities.

3. File a claim

As soon as you report the injury to your employer, they will begin to investigate the situation and determine compensation solutions. Your employer should guide you with regard to the proper paperwork you will need to fill out in order to understand your rights and benefits. They are then responsible for submitting the claim with their worker’s compensation insurer and the appropriate boards.

In some cases, your claim may require further assistance in order to ensure you are adequately compensated, especially if the injury was the result of a third party or occurred due to excessive employer negligence.