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Patient handling is a real danger for nurses

Posted December 18, 2017
Nursing can be a rewarding but stressful profession. For many of these professionals, the hours are long and the demands great. In fact, many patients do not realize a danger many nurses face every day: physically handling patients. That is, lifting and moving them. The risk is so great that nursing ranks right up there...
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What causes my workers’ compensation benefits claim to be denied?

Posted September 19, 2017
As an injured worker in the St. Louis area, one concern that may be on your mind is your whether your workers’ compensation benefits claim will be denied. You have been off work for a few weeks now and are starting to feel the stress and frustrations that many hurt workers feel experience when...
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What is the industry with the most workplace injuries?

Posted June 26, 2017
If accidents at construction sites are the first thing to come to your mind when you think of workplace injuries, there is good reason. Those who work in the construction industry face the most dangers and risks on the job than do employees in any other industry.Although other sectors have higher rates of deaths...
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Common causes of trucking accidents

Posted March 29, 2017
Semi-truck accidents can have brutal consequences due to the impact of a massive vehicle colliding with a car, motorcycle or pedestrian. On March 5, a semi-truck crashed into a vehicle and injured two state troopers in Maryland Heights. Tractor-trailer accidents are often caused by various truck driver errors or equipment failures. Here are some...
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