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Are you or a loved one dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury that was caused by a third party’s negligence? Do you want to hold that third party responsible for the pain, suffering, and financial harm that you experienced?

If so, the Edwardsville personal injury attorneys at The Floyd Law Firm are here for you in your time of need.

The father-son duo of Walter and Mark Floyd have been fighting for your rights for decades. With a nearly five-star Google rating, our team at The Floyd Law Firm is experienced in recovering maximum compensation on behalf of all clients in an Illinois civil court of law.

So don’t delay working with the best Edwardsville personal injury attorneys. Contact us to schedule your free, no-obligation personal injury case review by calling (314) 863-4114 or by booking online today.

What is a Personal Injury?

Personal injuries refer to physical, emotional, or fiscal harm suffered by an individual due to another party’s negligent actions. When a person suffers a personal injury due to the negligence of another party, it can serve as the basis for initiating a legal claim against that party.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Here are some examples of common personal injury cases:

Motor Vehicle-Related

The National Safety Council (NSC) found that motor vehicle accidents account for 21% of preventable injury fatalities and 9% of nonfatal preventable injuries. This data makes sense considering the size, high rate of speed, and other dangerous variables and circumstances involved in driving or being around drivers.

Examples of motor vehicle-related personal injury cases include car, bus, truck, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents.

Workers’ Compensation

When working as intended, workers’ compensation is a system designed to provide financial assistance to employees who suffer injuries or illnesses during the course of their employment.

However, in some situations, disputes may arise, such as denial of benefits or disagreement over the extent of the injury or disability. That’s where a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer can assist.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases involve instances where a healthcare professional or medical institution fails to provide the accepted standard of care, resulting in harm or injury to a patient.

Examples of medical malpractice cases can encompass the following types of injuries: catastrophic, burn, and spinal cord injuries.

Wrongful Death

If a negligence action leads to the victim’s death, even months or years later, the executor of the deceased’s estate (known as the personal representative under the Illinois Compiled Statutes) can pursue a wrongful death case.

All manner of personal injury cases and even criminal actions can yield wrongful death cases. A short list of cases that could cause wrongful death includes motor vehicle accidents, premises and product liability cases, and medical malpractice cases.

Contact an Edwardsville Personal Injury Lawyer at The Floyd Law Firm

No matter the type of personal injury case, the legal team at The Floyd Law Firm is here and ready to serve you. Partner Walter Floyd founded The Floyd Law Firm in 1959 and has been tirelessly protecting the rights of injured clients ever since.

With millions in successful verdicts and settlements, The Floyd Law Firm is a top choice for personal injury representation throughout Illinois.

To schedule a complimentary case review, contact our Edwardsville personal injury attorneys by calling (314) 863-4114 or booking online today.