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Client Testimonials

headshot of a bald man smiling 5 star logo “When I was injured on the job, the help that my former employer and worker’s comp offered me was just an insult. A slap in the face. I spoke to another attorney and he told me to call The Floyd Law Firm. It was the best advice I’ve ever received. They helped me with every aspect of my case, from getting good doctors and moral support to preparing me for court and securing disability benefits. The Floyd Law Firm believed in me and I feel the benefits of that every day.” Columbus - Workers' Compensation
Headshot of a white woman with blonde hair 5 star logo "As a single mother caring for several children and my own mother, the injuries I sustained in a car accident threatened more than just my life. Unfortunately, I can never return to my career. But because Walter Floyd believed in my right to fair compensation, I’ve been able to build a house and continue caring for my loved ones, knowing that I will have an income for the rest of my life. If not for The Floyd Law Firm, I don’t know what I would’ve done." Tammie - Auto Accident
headshot of a man smiling 5 star logo "I’ve known Mark Floyd for years. He helped me get good doctors and a fair settlement for a shoulder injury I received on the job. And he helped my wife with some problems she got from a car accident. I work with several hundred other folks in a relatively dangerous industry, and whenever someone gets hurt, I always tell them to call The Floyd Law Firm. They’ve helped dozens of people I know get the medical treatment and compensation they deserve. The Floyd Law Firm believes in what they do. They believe in helping people." Michael - Workers' Compensation
5 star logo "The injuries I received from hazardous materials on a job site not only ended my career, they will plague me every day for the rest of my life. The Floyd Law Firm believed in my right to live the rest of my days as comfortably as possible. No amount of money will restore my health, but the settlement they helped me win has made a huge difference in my life. My faith, my loving wife of 33 years and The Floyd Law Firm have helped me pick up the pieces and continue with a fulfilling life." Aril - Workers' Compensation
5 star logo "It’s not just that I was unable to work for nearly 18 months. It’s not just that I’ve had to endure some 17 surgeries. It’s not just that I’ve never fully recovered from my injuries and I’ve had to work a desk job ever since. My family was in the car the night of that accident, and the negligence of another could have easily killed any or all of us. The Floyd Law Firm believed in my right to hold those people responsible for what they did to me and my family. Hopefully, my case will help prevent such negligence from hurting other people in the future." George - Auto Accident/Negligence