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Teen drivers need experience and limits to stay safe on the road

Posted October 23, 2018
Missouri continues to work toward helping reduce teen fatalities on the state’s roadways by ensuring all teen drivers receive enough training with the Graduated Driver License law. When a teen is 15 years of age and can pass the vision, road sign recognition and written tests at a Highway Patrol examination station, they are...
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Mobile workers may be more prone to distracted driving

Posted September 25, 2018
The number of motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted drivers has risen sharply in recent years, and road safety advocates in Missouri and around the country have blamed this increase largely on the use of smartphones and other internet-connected devices by motorists. Between 2013 and 2017, smartphone ownership in the United States rose from...
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Counties look to roundabouts to reduce rural traffic fatalities

Posted August 27, 2018
Missouri drivers may be safer on roadways that have replaced traffic lights with roundabouts. Experts say that while traffic lights are better at reducing the overall number of accidents, the collisions that do happen are more severe. Accidents at roundabouts are less likely to be fatal and more likely to only result in minor...
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Keep track of important details after a car crash

Posted June 8, 2018
Missouri drivers can take action after a car accident to help to protect themselves and their ability to pursue compensation after the crash. This is especially important for people who have been injured or had their vehicle damaged after an auto accident caused by another driver’s dangerous, distracted or negligent driving. Of course, the...
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Understanding distracted driving

Posted April 9, 2018
Missouri drivers who engage activities that draw their attention away from their driving are engaging in distracted driving. These activities may include texting or talking on their cellphone, conversing with other people in the vehicle, adjusting the navigation system or stereo, drinking or eating.The most disturbing type of distraction is texting. In order to...
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