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Why you should not drive distracted

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Posted on January 5, 2021

In many cases, car accidents in Missouri and around the country are due to distracted driving, which has many causes. These causes include using a cellphone, talking to passengers, playing with the radio and many more. It is important to have your eyes on the road at all times to avoid a potential crash that can harm yourself and others.

What is distracted driving?

There are three types of distracted driving that can lead to an accident. These include:

  • Hands not on the wheel
  • Mind not on the task at hand
  • Eyes not on the road
  • Cellphone usage

Using a cellphone may be the riskiest behavior when considering all of the potential sources of distracted driving. Making a phone call, texting or using a phone app while driving can quadruple the chance of your involvement in an accident. It is important to avoid cellphone use while driving at all costs to prevent injuries.

Overall risks of distracted driving

Being distracted while driving was a cause of 10% of all motor vehicle accidents that occurred in 2006 according to the Transportation Institute of Virginia Tech. If your eyes are not on the road, the risk of a crash doubles. More scientists are performing research to understand the harmful effects of mental distractions as well, such as daydreaming or having a conversation with a passenger.

Getting compensation after an accident

Distracted driving is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents around the country. If you drive while distracted, you run a serious risk of personal injury to yourself or others.

If you’re recovering from an injury after an accident that was caused by another driver, you may want to find a lawyer who understands what you are going through. He or she may assist you in the claims process by showing evidence that the other driver was distracted prior to the crash.