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3 life-saving road safety tips for older adults

Posted February 27, 2023
There is an unfortunate reality in the fact that many adults experience deterioration in their vision or reaction speed with age. While these changes might not affect most of your day-to-day activities, they can certainly affect you when you are behind the wheel.Certain physical and medical conditions can make driving more dangerous for older...
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3 misconceptions about car accidents and concussions

Posted December 20, 2022
Concussions are common car accident injuries.The severity of a concussion can vary, and symptoms do not always appear right away. If you have recently experienced a car accident, you should be aware of the facts about concussions and avoid these common misconceptions.You have to hit your head to get a concussionYou might walk away...
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How do distractions lead to serious accidents on highways?

Posted November 15, 2022
While driving alongside a truck or another vehicle on a busy highway, you may feel particularly at risk for an accident.Taking into consideration how risky distractions are and why they happen can help you if you are suffering after a crash.Eyes and ears of the surrounding trafficAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and...
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The 3 most common causes of motorcycle accidents

Every year, thousands of Americans get into motorcycle accidents. According to the National Safety Council, 14 percent of traffic fatalities involve motorcycles, despite them only representing 3 percent of registered vehicles.The summer months in Missouri mean the number of riders increases along with the risk of accidents. If you own a motorcycle or are...
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Signs your child has a concussion after a car accident

Posted May 20, 2022
As careful as you are with using car seats and driving defensively when your son or daughter is in the vehicle, there is still a chance your child can get caught in a car accident. Seeing your young child get hurt in a crash is every St. Louis parent’s nightmare.The vast majority of collisions...
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5 mistakes to avoid after a car accident

Posted May 26, 2021
A car accident can happen in an instant. You could be slowing down to stop for a red light and realize the driver behind you isn’t stopping. Or you could be exiting off a freeway ramp when a speeding car side swipes into your car as it tries to pass you. In a second,...
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