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Recording the details after a car crash

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Posted on February 26, 2019

After getting hit by a vehicle, it can be difficult to keep in mind all of the best practices to document the incident. Still, staying calm and taking stock of the situation can be important not only for immediate needs but also for dealing with insurance companies and Missouri authorities. Car accidents can cause serious property damage as well as major injuries that can keep people out of work or require hospitalization. By keeping some key tips in mind, a crash victim can help to support their recollection of the incident.

A victim will need to tell their story to insurance adjusters, police and potentially lawyers. That’s why it’s important to carefully take in information at a crash scene. Of course, dealing with medical emergencies is the most important issue. Calling 911 can summon emergency aid to the scene, including police and emergency medical personnel. In general, it is best to leave the car accident scene as it is, but in some places it can be dangerous to do so. When safety is an issue, it’s wise to move the involved vehicles to the side of the road and wait for the police to arrive.

If there are no immediate medical emergencies, documenting the accident is critical. This means taking photographs of the situation, especially before any vehicles are moved. It’s also a good idea for the accident victim to write down the details of the accident.

Motor vehicle crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries and life-long disabilities. An individual who has been hurt due to someone else’s negligent driving can consult with a personal injury lawyer about pursuing compensation for damages such as lost wages and medical bills.