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Missouri Sunset

Tesla cited by OSHA more than all of its competitors combined

Posted March 11, 2019
New vehicle buyers in Missouri and around the country who purchase Tesla vehicles might rave about the carmaker, but the 15,000 people who work at the company’s huge Freemont manufacturing plant may not be as complimentary. This is because Tesla racked up more Occupational Safety and Health Administration violations between 2014 and 2018 than...
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Recording the details after a car crash

Posted February 26, 2019
After getting hit by a vehicle, it can be difficult to keep in mind all of the best practices to document the incident. Still, staying calm and taking stock of the situation can be important not only for immediate needs but also for dealing with insurance companies and Missouri authorities. Car accidents can cause...
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Causes of car accidents and their influence on liability

Posted February 13, 2019
Drivers in Missouri have control over many factors when they get behind the wheel. They can choose to avoid distractions, stay sober, maintain their vehicles and obey traffic laws. Issues like the bad decisions of other drivers or defective auto parts, however, are beyond an individual’s control. When crashes happen, the police and insurance...
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Cold temperatures can threaten workers with hypothermia

Posted January 28, 2019
Winter brings cold temperatures to parts of Missouri, and people in many occupations could experience symptoms of cold stress. Outdoor workers in industries such as construction and agriculture face the cold weather head on, but risks could affect indoor workers as well. People who labor in cold storage areas, wet conditions or in workplaces...
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Drowsiness a public safety risk in ridesharing industry

Posted January 15, 2019
Ridesharing drivers in Missouri may feel encouraged to work extended hours because of the low fare and salary incentives, but they will want to be careful about exceeding their safety limits. A position statement from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has brought some needed attention to the risk of sleep deprivation among people...
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