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Causes of car accidents and their influence on liability

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Posted on February 13, 2019

Drivers in Missouri have control over many factors when they get behind the wheel. They can choose to avoid distractions, stay sober, maintain their vehicles and obey traffic laws. Issues like the bad decisions of other drivers or defective auto parts, however, are beyond an individual’s control. When crashes happen, the police and insurance adjusters will strive to determine what caused the accident and who bears responsibility.

Human error accounts for many car accidents. Even someone with good intentions might simply make a mistake and therefore face liability. Choosing to drive while engaging in distracting behaviors, however, represents a disregard for safety and could result in financial responsibility for accident victims. Using smartphones, eating, putting on makeup and adjusting a radio are known to impact a person’s ability to monitor traffic.

Medical conditions also cause some crashes. Heart attacks or seizures might strike unexpectedly. Although some people have no way to anticipate these problems, people should avoid driving if they feel sick or have a known medical condition that could interfere with driving. People should also be aware of how prescription drugs might affect their driving. Some medications include warnings not to operate machinery.

Bad weather conditions often contribute to car accidents. Even though people cannot control the weather, they might be found liable for car accidents that occur in fog, rain or snow.

A victim of a crash that appears to have been the result of negligence might want to talk to an attorney who litigates car accidents. An attorney may initiate an accident investigation that collects evidence to support an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. In addition to detailing the negligence of another driver, an attorney may document the victim’s medical bills and lost pay. These services may be able to counter attempts by an insurer to avoid paying a settlement.