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Common injuries sustained by metal and machine shop workers

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Posted on October 15, 2020

Machine and metal shop workers in Missouri spend each day in environments that pose more risks of injury than many other professions in the state. Because of this, these workers need to exercise caution and remain alert each minute of the workday.

Fires, chemical spills and sharp tools are all counted among the list of workplace hazards that result in the high number of workers’ comp claims made by metalworkers. A few injuries stand out as more common than the rest.

One of the most common threats to the health of machine and metal workers is the strain placed on the body by making repetitive movements. An example of this hazard is when a worker is forced to absorb continuous vibrations and later develops injuries.

Metal and machine workers often use hand tools to complete their daily work duties. These tools can represent a danger to workers when not used in the manner designed. The threat from these tools increases when they are not properly maintained or if proper safety protocol goes unused. Many hand tool injuries include minor muscle strains, but more serious injuries are possible.

Metal shop work environments may also expose workers to hazardous chemicals. The threat from these chemicals is lowered when workers use all safety equipment that their employer makes available to them. Workers should also make sure that adequate ventilation is available to them before working with chemicals.

Injuries are an unfortunate part of working in hazardous work environments. Many injuries take place despite strict adherence to safety guidelines. The failure to address injuries is sometimes as dangerous as the injury itself. Many workers do not receive the medical attention they need in the wake of a workplace accident because they don’t want to miss time at work or place their job position in jeopardy. Workers should report all injuries immediately to ensure proper treatment.

Injuries in the workplace are a threat to the health of workers and can cause them to become unable to earn a living for themselves. Individuals who suffer injuries in the workplace may have a better chance of securing the compensation they will need to fuel their recovery if they speak with an attorney with experience in workers’ compensation claims.