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Why helmet cameras are so important now

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Posted on March 29, 2018

At this very moment, you could easily google “motorcycle accident helmet camera” and find a plethora of videos that show a first-person view of a motorcyclist suffering an accident. While this is both horrifying and bizarre that such a library of accidents is possible to search, the point of this introduction isn’t to discuss the societal merits of it all. Instead, it is to point out the incredible value helmet cameras have for motorcyclists in today’s day and age.

Motorcyclists have very little safety equipment at their disposal. They have a helmet, which is their primary piece of equipment to protect them in case of an accident — but after that, it’s limited. Gloves and a padded leather jacket are about all that’s left in terms of safety equipment for a motorcyclist. Or at least, that’s the way it has been for many years.

It wasn’t until the past 20 years that cameras started becoming a big deal out on the roads, and helmet cameras for motorcyclists were a natural evolution of this idea. With these helmets, not only could a motorcyclist record his entire ride for viewing pleasure later, but if an accident were to occur, the helmet camera would capture it an any valuable information or data therein.

The motorcycle helmet is a crucial part of the motorcycling lifestyle now. And for legal purposes, these helmets serve a critical purpose too. If you are a motorcyclist, you should invest in one of the these helmets.

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