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Trucker examinations that keep roads safe

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Posted on November 15, 2022

Trucking remains an inherently dangerous occupation. Long hours moving thousands of pounds of inventory will always present peril.

For this reason, the transport industry faces many regulations. Required measurements improve the safety of truck drivers hurtling down freeways.

Qualification tests

Though they vary from state to state, every long-hauler is subject to strict laws. A valid license is necessary everywhere. Truckers sometimes have to pass a road test to verify their level of caution. Commonly, they also need to be 21 of age. Drivers must carry documents showing compliance with every standard.

Physical tests

The Department of Transportation requires truckies to undergo a physical. They must then repeat the exam every two years. Those with particular ailments might need to face the assessment more frequently. Such factors include diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Narcolepsy, uncorrectable vision problems and epilepsy are disqualifiers. Drivers always have to carry a clean bill of health within their vehicles.

Drug and alcohol tests

It is worrisome when motorists are consuming intoxicants, regardless of vehicle type. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that drunk drivers kill 29 people daily. For this reason, the DOT requires proof of sobriety once a year. This government branch offers a random drug-testing program for convenience. Participation is up to individual carriers. Declining, though, means these businesses must use another provider.

Anyone receiving injury from a truck driver has a reason for upset. Depending on the circumstances, suing may be reasonable. Winning at trial is more likely when prosecutors prove defendants are non-compliant.