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Qualities to Look for in a Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer

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Posted on December 7, 2023

No one starts their day expecting to experience a serious injury, yet accidents occur when they’re least expected. When someone else’s negligence, reckless behavior, or intentional wrongdoing causes an accident, it’s even more distressing for the victims, knowing their injury was preventable if only the at-fault party had taken reasonable care.

If you’ve been injured through someone else’s actions or negligence, you shouldn’t be left responsible for the damages. In personal injury law—or tort law—in Missouri, the word “damages” refers to the economic consequences of an injury as well as the pain and suffering it causes. A successful claim provides compensation for common damages like medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. But the first step toward a full financial recovery, while you work on your physical recovery, is finding legal representation through the right personal injury attorney in St. Louis. Since most injury victims seeking a personal injury attorney are doing so for the first time, it helps to know what to look for to find the best personal injury attorney for your Missouri injury claim.

What to Look for in a St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney

The Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Missouri Have a Track Record of Success

Before you choose the right personal injury attorney for your unique injury claim, it’s important to examine their track record in cases similar to your own. First, check to see if they’ve represented clients with cases in the same category as yours. For example, if you were injured by a defective product, you might not want to choose an attorney whose record includes mostly car accident claims.

After you’ve found an attorney who has handled many cases similar to your own, carefully examine their track record of successful settlements, large jury verdicts, and satisfied clients. A Missouri personal injury attorney with a strong track record of success offers the best chances of securing compensation for your damages.

Look for an Attorney with a Strong Local Reputation in Your Community

When a personal injury attorney in Missouri has a good reputation in the community, they have access to important resources to help your case. This includes medical experts in your area, law enforcement officials, and accident reconstruction experts. An attorney’s good reputation makes it easier to obtain evidence like surveillance video footage or traffic camera videos. By choosing a Missouri personal injury lawyer with a track record of success in cases similar to your own and a strong reputation within your community you put a powerful voice behind your claim. Often, having an attorney’s good name behind your case is enough to convince an insurer to offer an ample settlement to avoid going to court.

Free Consultations and No Upfront Fees

The overwhelming majority of reputable personal injury attorneys in Missouri and elsewhere do not charge upfront fees. Instead, in personal injury law, good personal injury attorneys offer free initial case consultations and only take fees after they secure the victim’s settlement. Be sure to clarify with the attorney what percentage of your compensation they’ll take for their fee and that they only charge a fee if they win your case.

Do They Communicate With You Effectively?

It’s important to have a good rapport with the person you choose as your personal injury attorney. Not only should they tell you how they prefer to communicate with you throughout the case—whether through text, email, or phone calls—but they should communicate effectively whether you’re face to face or through online communication. It’s essential to choose an attorney who’s both compassionate and confident and one that you feel comfortable with during the process of your claim and in court if necessary.