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Can you receive compensation for an injury that occurs on break?

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Posted on October 25, 2022

You are likely aware of your rights to workers’ compensation as part of the benefits package provided by your employer. If you sustain an injury during one of your break periods, however, it might not be clear if you are eligible to claim compensation after the incident.

It stands to reason that an injury must be work-related in order to receive workers’ compensation, but filing a claim might be your best hope of getting the financial support you need to make a full recovery. Once you know the steps you should follow after an accident, you can make the best decision regarding your claim.

Report your injury

Though you might not think you can receive compensation, you still have a responsibility to report the injury as soon as possible. The Missouri Department of Labor explains that you should report an injury to your employer within 30 days of the incident to protect your right to workers’ compensation. Your first priority is to seek immediate treatment for the resulting condition, but you should still make a timely report in case your circumstances are eligible for receiving benefits.

Gather evidence regarding your injury

Even if you are on break, your injury is work-related if you are performing duties at the time or if unsafe work conditions are the cause of injury. Collect any relevant receipts, records and testimony so that you have the strongest case possible when filing your claim.

Being off the clock does not guarantee that an accident falls outside the terms of your workers’ compensation benefits. You can build a case for any injury sustained in the course of acting to benefit your company.