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Injury cause and prevention for manufacturing workers

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Posted on February 4, 2021

Workers’ compensation benefits in Missouri provide financial compensation for workers who injure themselves on the job. These benefits allow workers to support themselves financially while recovering from their injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits also make it unnecessary in most cases for workers to file a lawsuit against their employers following an accident. For workers in the manufacturing businesses, a handful of injuries lead to compensation claims with more frequency than others.

Manufacturing injuries

The National Safety Council lists strains, sprains, and tears as the most common injuries to workers in the manufacturing industry. These injuries types account for 30 percent of the potential workers’ comp claims for manufacturing workers.

Thirteen percent of injuries to manufacturing workers include lacerations, cuts, and punctures. Pain and soreness in the body is the complaint made by 12 percent of injured workers. Fractures and bruises are the fourth and fifth most common injury types at 11 and seven percent, respectively.

Injury causes

Knowing the causes of workplace injuries will help manufacturing workers protect themselves while at work. Common causes of injuries include:

  • Colliding or making contact with equipment or objects
  • Working the body past its limits
  • Slips and falls
  • Repetitive motion
  • Harmful Substances

Injury prevention

The purpose of identifying the most common injuries in the manufacturing business is so that employers and workers can take an active role in accident and injury prevention. Workers can jumpstart their safety efforts by always using the personal protective equipment made available to them. This equipment will reduce the risk of worker injuries when using harmful substances and heavy equipment as part of their job duties.

Well-trained workers also prevent injuries for themselves by using safe work practices. Managers and business owners should ensure that workers understand efficient work practices and proper form when lifting and handling equipment. This training will prevent the injuries that result from overexertion and repetitive use of the same body parts.

Manufacturing workers suffer more than their fair share of injuries in the workplace. Individuals injured on the job may experience a smoother process while seeking compensation due to them after discussing the circumstances of their accident with an attorney.