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The workers’ comp benefits that a victim could receive

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Posted on July 29, 2020

Workers, especially construction workers, are all too liable to be injured on the job. Fortunately, there is the workers’ compensation program to cover most of their losses. Missouri residents should know what sort of hazards are faced by construction workers and what benefits could be paid out based on the severity of the injuries incurred.

Four incidents lead to the most fatalities in construction. Dubbed by OSHA the “fatal four,” they are falls, electrocution, struck-by incidents and caught-in-between incidents. This makes sense because workers in this field are often on elevated platforms, near heavy machinery and using power tools. They face the prospect of unsteady ladders, unstable scaffolding, working with exposed wires and having objects dropped on them.

The workers’ compensation program will cover all medical expenses, including treatment and prescription costs. If victims need a wheelchair, crutches or another medical device, this will be covered, too. Even the travel expenses when workers make a hospital visit can be included.

Next, there are two types of disability benefits: temporary and permanent. The former usually come out to two-thirds of the victim’s average weekly income. The amount for the latter is only determined when victims achieve maximum medical improvement. Lastly, families of fatally injured employees can receive death benefits, which cover funeral expenses and loss of wages.

Whether a workers’ compensation case involves an injury or a fatality, it may be wise to have a lawyer evaluate the case and give a hand with the filing process. When it comes to death benefits, employers can deny their payment if there’s evidence that decedents were to blame for their own death. A lawyer may help mount an appeal when possible. Victims may also consider the pros and cons of opting for a “full and final” settlement.