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Slips and falls can be dangerous on the job

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Posted on June 20, 2018

Workers in Missouri can face a range of workplace safety hazards on the job, even in unexpected places. While workers in industries like construction may be very aware of the threat of workplace accidents, office employees or others with less physical jobs may be unaware of the risks they also face on the job. For example, slip-and-fall accidents can have serious consequences that can even be fatal. In 2014 alone, 660 workers lost their lives after falling from a height. Perhaps more shockingly, 138 workers were killed when they fell at the same level.

Many hazards can easily lead to workplace accidents from slipping, tripping or falling. People can take action to make a safer area, including cleaning up liquid spills and removing obstacles as soon as they appear. Taking these steps can prevent the hazard from affecting more people later on.

While it is easy to miss common danger signs in a workplace a person walks around in on a daily basis, there are some steps that can help people to be more aware. For example, avoiding emailing or texting on a mobile phone while moving through the office can help people avoid obstacles or changes in elevation.

Construction workers may be particularly concerned about falling from heights, especially because such workplace accidents can be deadly or lead to permanent disability. In 2016, 991 construction workers were killed on the job, and of those, 370 died after falling from a height to a lower level. The use of fall prevention systems and protective equipment can help protect construction workers’ lives.

Slip-and-fall workplace accidents can have serious and costly consequences, including lost wages and high medical bills. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help injured workers to seek the compensation to which they are entitled to cover their damages.