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Will I lose my job if I file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits? It is a common question and primary concern for many workers who are injured on the job. Legally speaking, the answer should always be a definitive, “No.” Practically speaking, it could happen if your employer chooses to violate the law.

At The Floyd Law Firm, we believe that your right to compensation and your right to work is equally important. When you want to protect your relationship with your employer, we honor that request. Should your employer retaliate, we help you obtain legal relief, usually in the form of compensation.

It Is Illegal For Your Employer To Retaliate

State and federal laws protect injured workers in Missouri and Illinois from retaliation for seeking workers’ compensation benefits. It is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you. Any violation can result in harsh fines, compensation for you, and other financial consequences.

Retaliation includes any adverse action, not just wrongful termination. This could include actions in the workplace such as disciplining you, giving you a less desirable shift, reducing your salary, or refusing to promote you. It could also include actions after your employment relationship has ended, like blacklisting you or badmouthing you to prospective employers.

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Have you experienced retaliation after filing a workers’ compensation claim? Are you worried about retaliation? We can help you file your claim, protect your job or hold your employer liable for the damage it caused.

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