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If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced St. Peters motorcycle accident lawyer from The Floyd Law Firm can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Contact our motorcycle accident attorneys today for a free consultation. We will review your case and discuss your legal options. There is no obligation, and you will not pay anything unless we win your case. Call our St. Peters accident attorneys at (314) 863-4114 or contact us online to book your free, no-obligation case review.

Why Hire Our St. Peters Motorcycle Accident Lawyers?

At The Floyd Law Firm, we have a proven track record of success in motorcycle accident cases, and we will fight to get you the maximum amount of money possible.

We understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed after a motorcycle accident. We are here to help you through this difficult time. We will work with you to gather evidence, build your case, and negotiate with the insurance company. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will also represent you in court, if necessary.

Can I Recover Compensation for My Motorcycle Accident?

Depending on your case’s details and specifics, you may be eligible for compensation after getting in a motorcycle accident in Missouri. Missouri is a pure comparative negligence state when determining the fault of those involved in accidents. Regardless of the percentage at fault, you were for the accident, you are likely eligible to recover some compensation.

For instance, under Missouri’s pure comparative negligence doctrine (known as a contributory fault under Missouri Revised Statutes 537.765), even if you were determined to be 90% at fault for the accident, you still may be eligible to recover 10% in damages from the other party involved.

Of course, the less at fault you are for an accident, the more damages you will likely be able to recover.

How Much is My St. Peters Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth?

How much you can receive largely depends on the details of your case. Providing even a ballpark estimate is nearly impossible without taking your information in our free case review process.

However, it can be helpful to see what our St. Peters personal injury lawyers have recovered for other clients in motor vehicle accident cases can be helpful.

For example, in other motor vehicle accident cases, we’ve received the following settlements and awards:

  • $1.96 Million Jury Verdict in State Court
  • $950,000 Settlement
  • $800,000 Settlement
  • $503,000 Jury Verdict in St. Louis County Court

What Types of Expenses am I Able to Consider as Damages?

The jury verdict or settlement compensation can cover tangible or intangible expenses. Missouri has no cap on damages in personal injury cases unless the case involves a governmental organization or medical malpractice.

Examples of these types of expenses include the following:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Lost Future Earning Potential
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Funeral Costs
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Loss of Companionship

Additionally, a judge may find it worthwhile to award punitive damages to the victim of a motorcycle accident.

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Since 1959, The Floyd Law Firm has been protecting the rights of Missouri citizens just like you. Our track record of success with our client’s motorcycle accident cases sets us apart from other firms.

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