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We’re ready to hold the inattentive and negligent third parties accountable for your pain and suffering. Call our Belleville motorcycle accident attorneys at (314) 863-4114 or book your free motorcycle accident case review online today.

A motorcycle offers a lot of freedom to those who own and ride them. As a street-legal form of transportation, motorcycle riders deserve to enjoy Illinois roads without fear of what could happen.

That’s why The Floyd Law Firm is on the victim’s side when the unthinkable happens and you or a loved one experiences a motorcycle accident due to another driver’s negligence.

How Long Do I Have to File a Motorcycle Case?

If the negligent behavior of another motorist caused your motorcycle accident, then you likely have two years from the accident date to file a claim, according to Illinois Compiled Statutes 735 5/13-202.

However, a couple of variables can affect that allotted time:

  • If the motorcycle accident resulted in the victim’s death, the statute of limitations would start upon the victim’s death and will be an additional two years.
  • If the motorcycle accident victim only brings a case regarding property damage, the statute of limitations extends to five years.

If you have questions about your unique case, contact a Belleville personal injury attorney. Our legal team is here to help you explore your legal options and secure maximum financial compensation.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that 44% of all motor vehicle accidents can be attributed to driver recognition errors. A driver recognition error is any error that causes the driver to be inattentive to the road.

Our team of Belleville motorcycle accident attorneys is here to help determine if the driver at fault was distracted. Especially, considering the scary fact that so many accidents are caused by inattentive driving, here are some reasons why a motorcyclist could be more at risk of an accident:

  • Smaller Profile Of Vehicle: The smaller profile of motorcycles compared to larger vehicles on the road can make them less visible to other drivers, increasing the likelihood of accidents and collisions, especially when drivers fail to notice or properly gauge the presence of motorcycles.
  • Lack Of Visibility: The lack of visibility of motorcycles, particularly in blind spots or during poor weather conditions, can contribute to motorcycle accidents as other drivers may have difficulty seeing and anticipating the presence of motorcycles on the road.

How are Motorcycle Accidents Different from Car Accidents?

Crashes involving motorcycles are generally more fatal than accidents involving passenger cars, according to research reports by NHTSA. In 2021, the fatality rate for motorcyclists involved in crashes was 24 times that for crashes involving passenger cars. There are many ways that a motorcycle injury can occur so it’s important to have a personal injury lawyer to help build your case.

Here are some reasons why motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than other motor vehicle incidents:

Lack Of Safety Features

The lack of safety features in motorcycles, such as airbags and reinforced frames, can increase the risk of severe injuries in accidents as riders have less protection than occupants of enclosed vehicles.

Lack Of Helmet Laws

Illinois is one of three states in the United States with no required helmet law on the books, not even a law requiring minors to wear helmets. According to NHTSA, 55% of all motorcyclists killed in 2021 did not wear helmets.

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