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What are the most common sources of nursing injuries?

Posted July 12, 2022
When it comes to the healthcare system, nurses are essential. They work tirelessly to track the healing process and provide patients with comfort.Long hours and stressful demands leave caretakers vulnerable. When a physical injury does occur, workers’ compensation benefits are there to help. Despite this safety net, it is better to avoid trauma altogether....
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The 3 most common causes of motorcycle accidents

Every year, thousands of Americans get into motorcycle accidents. According to the National Safety Council, 14 percent of traffic fatalities involve motorcycles, despite them only representing 3 percent of registered vehicles.The summer months in Missouri mean the number of riders increases along with the risk of accidents. If you own a motorcycle or are...
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3 facts about returning to work after a workers’ comp injury

Posted May 24, 2022
After an injury, getting back to work is a priority for companies and employees.The following details may help everyone understand what options are available for employees to return to their jobs.1. Employers might need to make modificationsDoctors overseeing the medical care of injured employees might allow them to return to work in a limited...
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Signs your child has a concussion after a car accident

Posted May 20, 2022
As careful as you are with using car seats and driving defensively when your son or daughter is in the vehicle, there is still a chance your child can get caught in a car accident. Seeing your young child get hurt in a crash is every St. Louis parent’s nightmare.The vast majority of collisions...
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Work-related back injury? Follow these three steps

Posted February 19, 2022
Trauma to your neck or back is a common work-related injury. Back injuries occur in many ways, including slips and falls, lifting heavy materials, standing or bending for extended periods of time or through repetitive motions that strain your muscles and joints.Injuries to your neck and back can be severe and significantly impact your...
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The dangers of a concussion after a car accident

Posted November 22, 2021
Concussions can cause serious, long-term damage, even when it seems like you recover quickly from a head impact. In fact, a concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI.Review the symptoms and potential complications of a concussion that occurs in a car accident.Concussion symptomsMany people do not get the necessary medical care...
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