Verdicts And Settlements

$600,000 — Auto Collision

As a result of an automobile accident involving a tractor-trailer, a local father and husband of more than 40 years suffered a ruptured spleen, fractured ribs, and aggravation of neck and back arthritis. The defendant denied liability for the collision and its highest offer at trial was $200,00. The verdict was obtained in the U.S. District Court, Eastern Division in St. Louis and was the largest plaintiffs verdict in St. Louis federal court in 2007. It has made it possible for him to retire comfortably.

$205,000 — General Negligence

A St. Louis construction worker suffered a fractured knee, along with ligament and cartilage damage, as a result of a hazard on the job site. The father of two was unable to work for more than a year and was unable to return to his previous career. Originally, he was offered a settlement of $500. With the compensation he won in court, he was able to buy a home and continue to care for his family.

$875,000 — General Negligence

A husband and father of three suffered a fractured skull and crushed hand when a wheel came loose from a moving vehicle and smashed through the window of his automobile. The St. Louis electrician missed more than year of work, endured more than a dozen surgeries and was unable to resume the full duties of his profession. His settlement has paid for his medical care and lost wages.

$800,000 — Auto Collision

A local nurse and single mother received significant injuries to the head, neck and spine in a head-on automobile accident. She has had to endure multiple surgeries and is unable to return to her career as a certified nursing assistant. Her settlement allowed her to buy a house, continue caring for her loved ones and have a guaranteed income for the rest of her life.

$2.8 Million — Product Liability

The plaintiff suffered asbestosis and scarring of the lungs. Actual and punitive damages were won in federal court.

$1.96 Million — Auto Collision

The plaintiff suffered broken ribs, a fractured pelvis and a collapsed lung in an automobile accident. The insurance company offered a pretrial settlement of $1 million. Compensation was won in state court.

$1.76 Million — Product Liability (Chemical Exposure)

A 49-year-old husband and father was exposed to a cloud of acid when a container ruptured during the demolition of a building. The chemical exposure caused reactive airways disease, interfering with his ability to work in a dusty environment as a heavy equipment operator.

$1.5 Million — Product Liability

Asbestos judgment won in federal court

$503,000 — Auto Collision

The plaintiff herniated a disk in his back as a result of an automobile accident. His verdict was won in St. Louis County Court.

$175,000 — General Negligence

The victim suffered a hematoma on his leg when a car in the service drive-through of a local dealership hit him. The plaintiff is diabetic and the injury took five months to heal. The insurance company offered him a settlement of $30,000. The verdict was won in the city of St. Louis courts.

$1.5 Million — Product Liability (Asbestos)

Settlement received in an asbestos case

$1.3 Million — Product Liability (Asbestos)

A local mechanic received this settlement in an asbestos case.

$950,000 — Auto Collision

A farmer was hit by a tractor-trailer as he was operating his own tractor. The incident caused severe abdominal muscle injury to the farmer. The case was settled out of court.

$825,000 — Product Liability (Asbestos)

Settlement received in an asbestos case

$850,000 — Product Liability (Asbestos)

Settlement received in an asbestos case

$700,000 — Product Liability

A local waste removal truck operator suffered a severe fracture of his arm after the lift gate, which was proven to have not been designed with sufficient safety features, was accidentally activated.